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Hippie of the Month (February) – Olawunmi Amida-Odunsi

Olawunmi Amida-Odunsi
Hippie of the Month (February) – Olawunmi Amida-Odunsi

Hi Hippies, hope the year has been great so far and we are all looking forward to an excellent 2021. It is time for another Hippie of the Month Edition!!!

We sat with Olawunmi Amida-Odunsi, a 31-year-old financial accountant with a BSc & MBA from the University of Buckingham, United Kingdom. She has over 7 years of financial accounting experience particularly in financial advisory, budgeting, and internal control.

 Olawunmi also serves as Creative Director of Regal Estilo – a Bridal Styling and Image Consultancy firm, with a focus on bringing a bride’s style vision to life through innovation and creativity, using cutting edge technology.

 We promise you it is a coincidence that Olawunmi is being featured during the season of love. Haha! Enjoy!

HIAS: Hi Olawunmi, before we start this interview, it is only polite for us to ask if we can call you, “Lawunmi” or “Wunmi”. Or should we just stick with the formal “Olawunmi”?

Olawunmi: Hahaha! Please feel free to call me Lawunmi. I would much rather that than Wunmi.

HIAS: Oh great, glad we can be less formal with you, then. So Lawunmi, please tell us a little about yourself. How would you describe yourself, and how would people describe you?

Lawunmi: Well personally; I would say I’m an introvert, however to different people I am an ambivert or as we know it an outgoing introvert.

HIAS: Haha! That makes a lot of sense, it is usually paradoxical when people say this, but it makes sense. So, do you have any irks and quirks?

Lawunmi: Irks, uhmmm! I can’t stand walking barefoot around the house. It just ticks me off and also any form of scraping sound, ugh! In terms of quirks, I tend to play and pull out my hair a lot! And my husband fines me for it every single time.

HIAS: Hahaha! Your husband must be raking in the cash if, as you say, this is something you do a lot! Smart man! We like him already! And this has not curbed the habit?

Lawunmi: No o! In fact, I might have to open up a budget line in my spreadsheet called “hair-pulling fines”!

HIAS: Hahaha! Said like a true accountant! Please add us to that budget abeg!


 Okay, before we get carried away, let’s focus on the interview! So, what drives you every day?

Lawunmi: My zeal for success is to create and live a great life for myself and my family! This is my ultimate drive.

HIAS: Hmm, profound. What are your personal or career goals and aspirations?

Lawunmi: My career goal is to be the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) in a leading organisation and I also aspire to create a legacy with my brand – Regal Estilo and make it an international household name whilst having a positive impact on people and the society at large.

HIAS: Oh wow! Your family must be proud of your drive and passion.

Lawunmi: I hope so!

 HIAS: Lawunmi, would you say you have an Inner Hippie? And if so, how would you describe her?

Lawunmi: Oh! This is easy, my Inner Hippie is a creative bridal stylist, which is who I am already!

HIAS: Is there anything you would like to be renowned for?

Lawunmi: I would love to be known as a great leader and the best team player. More specifically, I would love to be known as the creator of one of the best bridal styling and image consultancy brands to come out of Africa. An international brand that serves as a one-stop shop for all brides and their bridal styling needs in and outside Nigeria.

HIAS: Great ambition. We would like to know a bit more about Regal Estilo and how it’s going so far?

Lawunmi: Regal Estilo was set up in 2019, and our mission is to become a world class bridal styling organisation by creating powerful bridal statement looks for every couple’s magical moments through innovation and creativity using cutting edge technology.

We are committed to guiding and providing our expertise in styling the perfect outfits and accessories for every client whilst taking the stress off every couple, especially our brides.

The wedding industry both in Nigeria and abroad is very cutthroat and competitive, but I will say it has been good to us, so far. We have worked with a number of brands and our brides have been featured on BellaNaijaloveweddingsng and some other major wedding blogs in the industry. This, I believe is because our work speaks elegance, style, and timelessness.

I know our continuous passion for creating elegant and timeless bridal looks, unique to each and every one of our brides and couples will drive us to building the brand’s image and give more potential clients the confidence and trust in our ability to deliver excellent services.

With our team of experts, our priority is to ensure every bride and groom we are privileged to work with, not only look beautiful and stylish but also feel elegant on their wedding day.

At Regal Estilo, we provide that human touch, professionalism, and excellent client service, whilst creating the magic that every bride dreams of, on her special day.

HIAS: We are truly inspired by your passion for excellence. Your clients must be in great hands! Having had this experience thus far, would you change or alter any part of your personal and professional journey?

Lawunmi: No, I wouldn’t change anything because this particular path led me here which I am grateful for! As, I am a firm believer of the saying that “once you change a cause; there are a thousand other results that come out from it”. If I did, we would never know if I would have become the founder of a bridal styling and image consulting brand, aspiring to compete and partner with global brands and personalities, or even getting featured by Hippie In A Suit.

So, I wouldn’t change anything; my path is my cause, my cause is mine to direct to where I would like to be at a particular stage and time of my life – all I need is to ensure, I make hay while the sun shines, and seize every good opportunity that comes my way.

HIAS: Carpe Diem, as they say! Would you call yourself a Hippie In A Suit?

Lawunmi: I am definitely a Hippie In A Suit, this is why we are here! I embrace the corporate, creative, and entrepreneurial sides of my person wholeheartedly and I do not believe I should lose one over the other. Sometimes, one may suffer whilst I prioritise the other, but I am putting enough structures in place to give myself the chance of thriving in my conventional and creative career spaces.

So yes, I am a proud Hippie In A Suit, and “Unapologetically Black, African, Creative and Ambitious!”

Hippie In A Suit is doing a great job in providing a community and platform for like-minded professionals to express their creativity. It is beautiful to watch!

HIAS: Madam Lawunmi, you want to blow our minds completely, abi?! We love your story and hope our community and beyond would pay more attention to people like you. We can only wish you the very best in your journey and are excited to hear more from you!

Lawunmi: Thank you for featuring me and my brand. We are proud members of the Hippie In A Suit community! Looking forward to more creative content from the community.

HIAS: No, thank you! This has been a great pleasure! 

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