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Dresses to rock a Nigeria wedding party

Guest Wedding outfit

Nigeria wedding outfit is a function of the host, they determine the theme of the guest outfit. It is pretty easier if there is an ‘Aso-Ebi’ as it is popularly referred to in Nigeria. Asoebi is a uniform dress that is traditionally worn in Nigeria and some West African cultures as an indicator of cooperation and solidarity during a wedding party and other ceremonies or festive periods.

Did you know the right time to show-off your style statement? It’s offcourse the wedding time! When you have forgotten how fashion looks like, the special occasions like these calls you in and let you flaunt. You might be a mother of the bride who is looking for some smarty pants, you can be a bride who wants to have some unique choice or you can be a guest who is looking for a heavily embroidered halter neck dress.

Talking about Asoebi

According to Fadekemi Abiru in her article titled  The Economics of Aso Ebi at Nigerian Weddings. Aso Ebi has become a handy signal for revealing what “segment” wedding guests belong to; for example, the style of Aso Ebi can indicate if you are affiliated to the bride or the groom.Nigeria Asoebi for groom

Wedding guests are probably treated differently (for instance, what type of food they are served) depending on if they are wearing the Aso Ebi, so if you “paid” to attend the wedding you get better treatment.

It’s understandable that the bride stands out at the wedding because is presumed to be there day and ladies don’t joke with this at all. Nigeria wedding bridal tray is always “on flick” as expected especially with the asoebi gang.


If you are on the hunt for the perfect dress to wear to a wedding, look no further!

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